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Family may be for life, but a best friend is for (at least) five days. [19thAug, 2010|21:18]
Imran Yusuf's recent Twittering has got me thinking about those 'simpler' times at school when Best Friend status was a tradable commodity.

"Sit by you in art?"
"Can't. Promised Jennifer I'd be her best friend this week cos she gave me her biscuit in lunch."

And that was the end of it. There might have been slight hurt feelings as previous Best Friend had not been informed of the change in status, and then had to find a last minute replacement for art class, but on the whole, this was a totally acceptable thing to do.

Biscuits were only the tip of the iceberg. "I'll be your best friend for a week if..." was a very commonplace start to conversations throughout my younger school days.

Not really sure I'd get away with it now though...

"Can't. Promised Rob I'd sit at his table in the pub tonight cos he made me a cup of tea earlier."
"But we'll be in the same pub..."
"Yeah, but, you know. I promised. Plus you didn't make me tea. If anyone found out it'd get awkward and then the whole system would break down. I'm sure you understand."
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It's almost like time travel... [4thJul, 2010|10:24]
A few days ago I discovered a scrawled note in my diary as to something I should do for a friend's birthday. The note was from someone I trust, although someone who can be a monumental tit at the same time. In this case, I went with the trust option.

Drunk me had struck again.

So it is done. Who am I to ignore myself? I had a ridiculously tough time whittling down the "cool stuff" items so they'd all fit in the box though. I am pleased with the result.

It has made for the perfect pre-opened present. It is medium sized, has a couple of slightly uneven surfaces, is disproportionately heavy (always adds extra anticipation points), and has cool wrapping paper. I'm excited about it and I already know what's inside!

TWO DAYS TO GO!!! [4thJul, 2010|09:58]
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Employee 1: Oooh don't mention David Cameron to [employee X]!
Employee 2: Why not?
Employee 1: He wants to punch him!
Employee 2: How come?
Employee 1: Just doesn't like him.
Employee 3: Well... They're all knobheads really.
Maggot: Can I just say, it's so nice to hear you lot having a good old political debate. (Said without a trace of sarcasm.)

There are only sixteen teeny tiny working hours between me and the end of the bane of my life (for the past 10 years). I'm so excited, I may just pop if I think about it too much.

That is merely part one of my Things Are Looking Up phase though. It's Cowley Road Carnival today, although I'm not 100% sure I'll go (been many times over the years), but it's nice to know the option's there. I have a good feeling about tonight's pub quiz - the cosmic vibes say we will bring home many prizes. The week after next is my play week. Going home to play with my sister on Saturday, then I'll go and play at my Mum & Dad's house for a few days, then I come back and go and play at a mate's house for a BBQ weekend. Woo hoo!

Ooooh! I've just had a thought. If I go into work 1 1/2 hours early for the delivery, I get to leave an hour early as payment (yeah... I know it doesn't add up, but what can you do?) so that would cut down my Maggot exposure to only 15 hours!


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Stag ahoy! [11thApr, 2010|11:01]
Went to the pubski for a few glasses of fizzy fun yesterday afternoon and discovered a half man/half pink sparkly fairy in one establishment, and Captain Scarlet in another. Perhaps I should have been more adventurous and travelled on to further drinking houses until I'd collected all the stags, Pokemon style.

Bad Transvestite - I choose you!

~ ~ w h o o s h ~ ~


Days to go: 86

Have a guess... [29thMar, 2010|21:45]
The early hours of Sunday morning saw me in a taxi, playing Guess Where I Live with the taxi driver. "It's a man's name beginning with X*..." I offered rather unhelpfully. After telling him the general direction we needed to go in, we set off. My road name eventually came back to me, and I blurted it out. "What number?" the driver mumbled. "What?" "What number?" "What?? "WHAT NUMBER?!" "Uh... what?" "The number!! Is it 6*?" "Oh! Yes it is!" I exclaimed, both excited that he'd correctly guessed my house number, whilst simultaneously very relieved to finally understand/hear what he'd been saying. "Oh, you are by the mosque?" "Yes, yes I am!" I replied, pleased with myself that I was at last managing to hold something resembling a normal conversation. "You pray there?" he asked.


Now then, I am quite clearly a drunk white woman, thought I to myself. In 9 months I have never seen anyone other than sober Asian males enter the mosque. The chances of me praying there are about the same as me winning the lottery without having first bought a ticket.

Luckily we arrived at my house shortly after we'd established that the women are in fact only permitted to use the back entrance, so I was saved the potential embarrassment of making any unwise jokes about back doors.

Sunday afternoon revolved around a lovely little visit from my sister and our attempts to obtain food. The pub we chose to go to closed almost as soon as we got there, the Co-Op had virtually nothing I could eat, and the fish and chip shop man seemed shocked to have customers and was very much unprepared for people wanting to buy chips. Ultimately food was purchased and consumed, films were swapped, and separate ways were went.

Somewhat miraculously I have to whole four day weekend off this week so we'll see what it brings. I'll be happy as long as it features some heavy duty lie-ins.

Days to go: 99

*(Details changed for obvious reasons.)
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Not again... [26thMar, 2010|10:23]
This has been a fairly rubbish week. Tuesday evening involved catching up on a butt-load of paperwork at work, and then coming across a man seemingly suffering from a heart attack in the middle of the road on my walk home. After about 3 hours' worth of phone calls, ambulances, and police statements it was all over. May have to go to court at some point (don't really understand why), but hopefully it won't come to that.

As a side note - one of the (very nice) police officers commented on how tidy my place was. (ARE YOU READING THIS MUM???)

There was rumour that Theo (Paphitis - off of Dragon's Den, which much to one customer's disappointment did not in fact turn out to be a kung fu show) might pop into the shop with a couple of other moderately high up Rymo officials yesterday. He didn't in the end, but with the sleep deprivation from Tuesday and Wednesday (nothing much exciting happened then - just another late night at work) cumulating with the stress of the Potential Important Visit, I very much flaked out last night. But not before I managed to cram in a wee bit of Oblivion and original Fable.

Today is a day off (woo hoo!), so cue obscene amounts of Xboxing and catching up on this week's missed telly. Oh... and cornflakes as that's all the food I currently have at the mo.

Days to go: 102

Reasons to be happy... 1, 2, 3. [22ndMar, 2010|10:22]
Exciting thing 1. I woke up the other day to discover we'd finally had all our bins delivered (a mere 7 months after we moved in). Felt sufficiently moved to take a picture to mark the occasion...

It was a truly magical experience the first time I put my rubbish in the bin. A tiny tear may have been shed. (Unfortunately we don't have a recycling bin for tears, so I had to leave it on the ground where it fell.)

Exciting thing 2: Going to start an art project, which may or may not work, but I'm very much looking forward to dredging my paints out again. [Edit: Accidentally wrote 'pants' the first time. Apologies for any confusion/unwarranted excitement that may have occured.)

Exciting thing 3: Some work related news came to light early last week, but it would be unprofessional of me to talk about it here. Suffice to say I'm Very Pleased.

Days to go: 106
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Further whinyness. [26thFeb, 2010|21:32]

Pavement etiquette - part two.

People holding hands: You are not surgically fused together, so if the pavement is narrow, LET GO OF EACH OTHER. Forcing me to walk in the road so you don't have to spend even a millisecond apart is not a viable option. (I have faith that your relationship can take the strain.) Furthermore, short is not the same thing as intangible. You will in fact have to walk around me, just as you would any other person. Attempting to walk through me is unlikely to produce positive results.

In fact, if everyone would just get out of my way, that'd be lovely. Thank you.

There you all are! [26thFeb, 2010|09:34]

Turns out I'd been signed out of LJ a few weeks ago and never realised. I was becoming a bit suspicious about the Failblog and LJ Status Update heavy flow of my friend feed, but now that little misunderstanding's been cleared up it's full steam ahead. Sorry for any action I may have missed.

Today's middle class moan is about pavement etiquette (part 1).

If I am walking on one side of the pavement, and you (playing that part of the evil supervillian) are walking towards me, but on the opposite side of the pavement from me, do not, in the final few seconds before we pass, decide that actually my side of the pavement looks far more appealing and switch, thus forcing me to stop and walk around you. It will make me absolutely furious, but due to a combination of a middle class upbringing and a fairly shy personality, I will not say anything to you directly, but I will give you one HECK of a filthy look. If you've sufficiently annoyed me, I may even throw in a tut and a sigh as well, so don't say you haven't been warned.

Oh the irony. [20thJan, 2010|10:20]

Never mind, eh?

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